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Murray Nankivell

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To find out what MSEDC has been doing in recent months, what other SA dressage clubs have been doing, and what is programmed in coming months - read the MOVING FORWARD magazine - now available on this website. The Moving Forward magazine won the Lindy Wright Memorial Award for 2018. THE 2019 MSEDC CALENDAR OF EVENTS IS NOW AVAILABLE

2021 Newsletters

pdf logo newsletter.202105.181116.pdf 2021/05 May 2021 newsletter
pdf logo newsletter.202104.184817.pdf 2021/04 April 2021 Newsletter
pdf logo newsletter.202103.213008.pdf 2021/03 MSEDC Newsletter - March 2021
pdf logo newsletter.202102.210317.pdf 2021/02 February 2021 Newsletter

2020 Newsletters

pdf logo newsletter.202011.104221.pdf 2020/11 November Newsletter
pdf logo disclaimer.202010.142505.pdf 2020/10 Annual Membership Disclaimer
pdf logo newsletter.202010.142322.pdf 2020/10 October 2020 Newsletter
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2019 Newsletters

pdf logo newsletter.201911.180419.pdf 2019/11 November 2019 Newsletter
pdf logo newsletter.201910.212206.pdf 2019/10 October 2019 Newsletter
pdf logo newsletter.201909.191030.pdf 2019/09 August 2019 Newsletter
pdf logo newsletter.201907.113948.pdf 2019/07 July 2019 Newsletter
pdf logo newsletter.201902.203757.pdf 2019/02 February Newsletter 2019
pdf logo newsletter.201901.215553.pdf 2019/01 JANUARY 2019 NEWSLETTER
pdf logo newsletter.201901.173733.pdf 2019/01 MSEDC 2019 CALENDAR OF EVENTS

2018 Newsletters

pdf logo newsletter.201812.112353.pdf 2018/12 Moving Forward Dec-Jan2019
pdf logo newsletter.201801.094116.pdf 2018/01 Moving Forward Oct-Nov 2018

2017 Newsletters

pdf logo newsletter.201708.212557.pdf 2017/08 Jacket order form